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Late 70's & early 80's Ramp Session Music

During the 1980’s our skateboards were bigger, and our skate sessions blasted great music too. We were getting our skateboarding fix to a whole host of great musical talents, obscure new sounds by various garage bands, and avant-garde musical directions that laced our skateboarding. It was a great time to be a skateboarder because so much of what’s taken for granted today, was all new and fresh during those salad days. We consumed fresh music like a sprinter inhales oxygen. When we weren’t skateboarding, we were at the record stores searching for the undiscovered treasures that would be pleasant to our ears, and energize our skateboarding sessions. Some skaters started bands and some are still playing in them to this day. A very artistic and colorful time to be a skateboarder. Record store sessions frequently followed skate sessions and showers. MTV was a new beast and it brought to our attention no matter where you lived as long as you had cable, fresh and interesting tunes. Below are some links to some of the frequently heard session songs at the Saint Petersburg Ramp.

Obviously, we listened to a whole lot more bands than album cover art pictured conveys. Joe Jackson, The Specials, Madness, Hunters and Collectors, Duran Duran, Orange Juice, Japan, Siouxsie and the Banshees, X, the Dead Kennedys, Magazine, China Crisis, Ultravox, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Gary Newman, Black Flag, Killing Joke, Echo and the Bunnymen, Missing Persons, Elvis Costello, The Squeeze, and tons more. As the eightes ended there were other influences like the Beastie Boys that made their way out of our crude speakers a top our ramp. I don't remember any noise complaints either. Great days.

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