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Five Questions: For Lee Leal

Photo by Cleo Coney Jr.

When did you start taking skate photos?

First skate pics were in the late 70's with my Yashica camera.

What are your favorite skate tricks to watch?

Favorite tricks are boosting airs, and stylish grinds on pool coping.

You prefer what kind of camera?

I prefer Canon cameras, but my friend Dan shoots with Sony and I might try that out, but I know my Canon!

Have you ever been hit by a flying skateboard while shooting the action?

I've come close to getting my noggin rocked. I caught Christian's deck in mid flight with one hand, it was more in self defense. I've had close calls. You have to pay attention in the fun zone! I was standing next to Gale Webb a couple years ago at the Pool Party when Duane took her out. I helped her up. That 7 seconds made it on "Hall of Meat" I felt her head bounce on the concrete, it was Gnarly!

Half pipes or pools?

I prefer a vert ramp for capturing constant action and big airs. There's a trick on almost every wall. I also get "AMPED" to shoot in a pool. Pics over a death box , or stairs in a pool is sick as well. I want that perfect pic when you can actually catch the concrete getting displayed from a gnarly grind!

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