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Going West Dan Brown Leaves Florida

Dan "Booger" Brown, longtime skateboarder and vert ramp lover is leaving the east coast of Florida for the west coast of the United States. He's heading to Cali!

Cali, the dream of so many skateboarders in our youth and still the skateboarding capital..for now. We will miss him during the Florida Vert Series "Keeping Vert Dead", Florida Bowl Riders, and the Grind For Life series. Mostly we will miss his involvement in the growth of skateboarding throughout florida and his antics beginning with his stretches and flexing. Just kidding Dan!

Pre warmup stretching a top the Holopaw Ramp. Very important for all skateboarders, especially if you're over fifty like Dan. Big Ups!

Along with stretches, mandatory pose downs are law.

Full pads including a helmet with the mandatory "Cleo Scream" sticker. Pads help protect your joints. The reason skaters over fifty are still able to roll today. Knee sliding and protecting your dome! When it comes to vert ramps and pools wear a helmet, your skull thinks it's cool and safer. We won't try and convince you street skaters.

Ride everything you can! Wear your knee pads on the small stuff too!

Over fifty, inverted and heading west! We will miss your skating and energy! Come back frequently! You da man!

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