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She's one awesome Photographer!

Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine gets a lot of images from up and coming photographers from around the globe, however Lauren Muller is becoming recognized as one of the freshest eyes looking through a camera lens in Southern California.

One would think that with so many colorful opportunities to shoot great images in a beautiful place splashed with photographic subject matter, that there'd be a lot more women making a name for themselves as highly requested photographers. All we know is that a short link of lady photogs in the skateboarding industry all work together to push one another to get better and better. Gail Webb, Heidi Lemmon, and Lorrie Palmos Malley come to mind. Lauren Muller is one of those bright and strong links in that chain of photographers. We don't have enough band width to highlight all of her various, glorious, artistic captures in this blog, but we can share some of our favorites now and in the future with you. Enjoy!

We love her work here at Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine!

She covers skateboarding events like the Dew Tour, Vans Pool Party, Exposure and others. Her work with classically trained dancers, and her ability to illuminate motion, color, and emotion is what caught our eye.

Come back frequently, because were going to be showcasing more and more of her great work! Thanks again Lauren, we've got a big crush on your work!

Images by Lauren Muller Photography and are copyrighted.

The beautiful Lauren Muller styling one of our Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine Tee Shirts. Thanks Lauren!

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