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Skateboarding Imagery

Art is everywhere in skateboarding. Through the lens of a camera, or at the end of a pen, pencil, or brush on a canvas of pulp, concrete, or cotton. Art can be found in abundance in Skateboarding. Photographer Chris Hooten has grabbed outstanding imagery through his camera lens of legends like Jay Adams, and dynamic personalities like Duane Peters and Steve Alba.

Jay Adams R.I.P.

Duane Peters in concert, made a name for himself in skateboarding and music.

Steve Alba of Powerflex 5, he too became a skateboarding icon since his Kryptonic days.

Then there are the images of Chuck Hults, his eye for balance, color, and textures explain his smooth flow on a skateboard. Below we examine some of his images. The freshness of a smooth ride, wheels rolling over gravel. Also his multi colored ground truck axle. Displaying results of metal scraping painted concrete, while delivering good vibes to the skateboarder. Happiness through destruction, but in the end visually capturing.

Heidi Lemmon's photographs of various skateboarders at sunset on Venice Beach are always worthy of a frame. In this above image of Julie Westfall the whole soulful moment is captured through her lens. Below her image of JULZ grinding is overall just a beautiful image.

There are tons of skateboarding graphics on skateboard decks and Tee Shirts that have pop, balance, and clear statements. All these elements make them prime for collecting and displaying. We know skaters by graphics and particular graphics that mark a time in your life. From Steve Caballero's Powell Dragon graphic, back to the SIMS logo from the seventies. Era's in skateboarding generated certain types of art and wood grain use. This is another reason why skateboarding is so full of artists and musicians. It's just a great way to make a statement while living on this big blue ball. Some of us prefer to spend much of that time rolling on four wheels attached to wooden laminates via trucks.

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