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St.Patty's Day Ramp Jam at KONA

A rad day full of bands, food trucks, a new ramp at the oldest skate park in the country, and some of the freshest skateboarding going down on that "GATOR SKIN" surfaced wooden gem. Here are some of the images shared on instagram from the skate jam, and the full story will be in the next issue of Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine. Be sure to ask your local skate and surf shops to carry Coping Block!

Steven Pineiro flying from low to high, hands free.

Steven McKaig, frontal hand plant all styled out and smooth.

Drew Hasselhoff lofting a sweet front side ollie over the hip.

Kona local and style master, Jeremiah Bell grabbing tuck knee Indy Air.

Yarb, frontside air re-entry, he only has one setting, BIO!

Backside disaster activities went down all over the ramp.

Collin Gram effortlessly re-enters the ramp after a massive board disaster.

Eli Reams floated varial variations across both ramp hips and found room for a 540.

The man machine, Jake Yanko has more tricks than Santa's bags can carry. Big Ollie!

Another rad skater drifting and spinning over the hip.

These two rascals helped to energize the ramp jam.

A stoked Agent Orange fan loving her new merch!

Art was all over the walls and skate areas of KONA Skate Park and it looks great!

Even the famed Tombstone has a visual face lift from inspiring artists.

The rear bowl had a do over as well.

Even some of the barricades had art on them, very cool.

People started to gather at the fence for the hot skateboarding action.

These rad skaters were pushing the boundaries all day!

Proud poppa Mr. Yanko stoked on his son's skating!

Class act Mike Rogers in the house.

More detailed event coverage coming up in the next issue of Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine!

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