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The Dynamic Kris Reeves

Photos by Heidi Lemmon

Your skate roots began where exactly, and what was it about skateboarding that attracted you to it?

As a kid I loved to bike around the neighborhood and explore. My bike got stolen and I found a penny board, so I started skating that around. My older brothers friend saw I liked it, so he let me use his Tony Hawk board for a week or so. After that I was kinda hooked. I was playing soccer at the time. Then I moved to a new school and met some other kids that skated and it was over. I guess I always liked to push myself to see what I can do athletically. My dad was an athlete. I definitely have got some competitive athletic spirit from him. I love the freedom of it and landing new tricks. I was skating in the 90’s when tricks were rapidly coming out. I like going fast, carving, bombing hills, Ollie’s. Airs! and stickers!

How often are you on your skateboard?

I always have a board with me or in my car. But real skate sessions on a bad week maybe only two times. If I’m going good at least three times per week. It can be a two to three hour skate session. At least two hours. Sometimes four to five hours. You skate for a couple hours dudes leave then some new people show up and you skate more.

What are your top three skate spots and why?

I live near the vans parks so that’s two. It’s rare for me to go anywhere else. I’d have to say Volcom outdoor park. I really like that bowl. I skated Volcom’s indoor park a lot back in the day when they had vert. That was super rad! I like skate parks with lots of stuff. I like to skate everything.

Whom do you skate with the most?

I usually skate with Brian Patch, Bucky, Max Jensen, and Kiko. I skate the Combi frequently, so whoever shows up there. It’s rad, I get to skate with a everybody every once in a while. Best bowl in the world.

What was the moment that made you feel the most proud involving skateboarding?

Kelly Bellmar had a board company called Factoy, Salba and a few other pool riders rode for him. He made my first few pro model boards. The first one had KR in the superman shield. The first time I rode it was in the US open in Huntington Beach when they had the vert soul bowl. I’ve never won any contest, but it’s pretty rad skating with everyone. Landing my first Indy 540 on vert and in the combi. First check from a pro skateboard contest from World Cup skateboarding. I’d like to do the loop.

What’s the biggest coping you’ve ridden?

That’s a tough one because I’ve been riding perfect skate park’s for a long time now. I skated the turf a couple times back in the day that had big coping. Venice Beach probably has the worst coping right now.

What skate trick is the most overrated in your opinion?

Not sure about that. Don’t like stink bug tricks. Gotta have some style, I try not to underestimate any trick. You can get work on the easiest tricks.

Where have you not ridden that is on your “must skate list?”

I haven’t gotten around much so everywhere. I’d say Hawaii, Marseille France, Malmö, Australia and Japan are probably top of my list. Maybe Oz next year. I might go check out Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics. My mom just moved to Baltimore. I’ve been once but I want to go back and go to Fishlips, cruise around New York. Train jumping the east coast is super rad. I haven’t been to Florida in a long time. I need that Tampa experience. Hawks ramp. I know a lot of peeps that skate there I just never make the time to figure it out.

What do you want people to know or understand about you?

Skateboarding save my life. I skated as a kid and turned out to be good. I got some sponsors, but when I got older I got side tracked and started getting into trouble. I needed a change so I moved from Bloomington Indiana to Huntington Beach. Brian Patch took me in, and it was going good, but then a couple months later I broke my ankle. I was bummed and thought about stopping and going back to Indy. That’s when I realized I love the feeling of skateboarding too much, and I could never stop. I still had to go back to Indy for a while, but I made it back to Cali. That’s what I think every time I slam. “Remember you love it, you can’t quit.” I’d be miserable if I quit. I get moody if I don’t skate for a couple weeks.

Whom are your current sponsors or flow companies?

Attic skate shop, Type-S urethane, Theeve Trucks, Olloclip, 187 killer pads What bands do you like to skate to? I love skating to hip-hop and live bands. There’s nothing better than Agent Orange or JFA playing pool side. If I’m skating combi with Kiko it’s biggie, Tupac, Tribe, Wu, Lupe, School boy Q and Kendrick.

Wahoo Fish Tacos or In and Out Burger?

Wahoo’s every time. I’m so addicted. At least twice a week. The closest one to my house has a bar it’s trouble. Fish taco, white rice, black beans, extra salsa please. Shrimp enchilada if I’m super hunger and got a couple extra dollars.

Any shout outs or thanks? Thanks to you, first interview. Steve van Doran and Vans shoes. I’ve been riding at both the parks since day one. The best shoes! Volcom for supporting the skate scene. Special thanks to my mom. She’s helped me out a tremendously. Couldn’t have done it without Kelly Bellmar, Brian Patch, 187 killer pads, Sergie Ventura, Rune, Mike Crum and my skate family. RIP Alabama Billy, Tim Brauch, Tom Boyle, Jake Piasecki, Keenan, Dylan and all the other skate skateboard legends.

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