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The S.P.O.T!

The skate park of Tampa has hosted so many phat skateboarding events over the years, that it has become an iconic skate locale in skateboarding history. The Tampa AM contests, The Tampa PRO contests, the rad concerts, Old Man Bowl Jams, The fresh Converse Court Yard skate battles, the old Moat Races, Industry showcases, cookouts, PRO Shop, and a place were the world's best skateboarding talents have demonstrated their skills on a skateboard. They have even gone outside of the Skate Park of Tampa to host other skateboarding events around the country. Below are images from some of the events that have gone on at the S.P.O.T over the years. Images by Cleo Coney Jr.

Brian Schaefer getting his grub on.

Courtyard activities.

One of several big screens set up around the skate park to capture the action.

Ahh, I don't see your name on the list.

You can get a little or a lot off the top in between your runs during the Tampa PRO or AM.

Some people are not getting cuts at all, but they may change hair color.

On the wheels of steel.

Zion his father and friend of the family.

Hot street course action.

Monster Energy drink reps brighten the surroundings.

The Greeks! Rad couple.

Ankle bite! OUCH!

Floating, levitation, or an ollie?

Capturing the youth on camera.

Best to get the skate park early to avoid the long lines.

Getting a pic with their skate hero.

The S.P.O.T. gets really packed as the skate action heats up!

Courtyard starting to fill up as the inside is already packed.

Old skateboarders.

Pro Signature decks for raffle.

Rare image of the courtyard empty.

Contributing to Grind For Life! Yeah!

If you do the splits when you don't want to, you may need ice on those knees.

Paul Schmitt and Ken Park.

Jake Wooten warming up.

Savannah taking a break from getting some rad pics.

Rad big screens are all over the courtyard so you won't miss any of the street course action.

More images to come!

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