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Who is Ron Cameron?

Updated: Nov 23, 2017

Early in our lives we develop habits that are seeds that start the growth of our future. In the case of Ron cameron his early habits of doodling images of Hotrods, the band Kiss, and skateboarders, clearly laid down a foundation of skills which lead to bringing his natural drawing talent to the forefront. His abilities started to poke their heads into the light as he took "Best of" in Art and creative writing in his pre-high school days. This kid of northern California was a light that was getting brighter each day. From his early skate days with Sam Cunningham and participating in the Sacto street style contest in front of Tower books. To being a paid Teenager that was drawing food labels for a local agency with out any professional art school training! He later with Dave of Block head sketched out the original Sam Cunningham board graphic. All along Ron was still working on perfecting his own style.

Ron has done work for Block Head, ACME, World Industries and others. His iconic logo he created for "R V C A" is recognized across the Globe.

He is always motivated to create the next great thing. His "Nothing is cool" creation is a project that he wants to grow. Ron has a keen eye for what looks good, which you can see in his many, many, standard setting designs.

He's been an inspiration to many artists, and his greatest pleasure is when he can get people to look at things differently. Look for his up and coming skate book, his new clothing company and his art shows! Now you know who Ron Cameron is.

Ron Cameron and Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine's Cleo Coney Jr. Palm Springs

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